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DJ Ashwin is the best choice for your Party needs. Based in Goa and entertaining professionally since 1997, Ashwin has developed a keen sense of what people of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds like to groove to. He specializes in handling parties with mixed crowds so that everyone (almost) has a good time. He has also performed for 6 years in the UK and Dubai. He uses the latest in DJ technology both hardware and software to provide maximum enjoyment with smooth transitions. 
DJ Goa Gail, Dj Cilfford Victoria and DJ Steve Furtado and KJ Maryann all work together to form Goa Party DJ and can independently handle up to 4 shows in a day. Each of these entertainers have the same fantastic collection of music and hardware but the add a unique flavor of their own to their performances.
  1. Music Styles
    Retro English and Bollywood, Commercial, House, Disco, Rock, Reggae, Psytrance, House, Techno, DnB. Whatever your choice DJ Ashwin will mix it up well for you.
  2. Corporate Event Fashion Show
    DJ Ashwin is your best choice for award functions, gala functions, and theme parties. With his flexibility and extensive knowledge of music, you can get just what you need.
  3. Karaoke. Visual Jockey
    Make your parties more interactive by adding Karaoke. KJ Ashwin has an excellent collection of music in English, Hindi and many other languages.
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