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DJ Party Setup in Goa
Whether its a small party with friends at home or gala event with all the bells and whistles you can count on DJ Ashwin to provide you with a complete Audio, Visual and Lighting package for your event.
You can either book just DJ services in Goa, Dj with Sound, DJ with Sound, Lights and Visuals if you so desire.
With Visuals we provide front or back projection setups or LED Wall.
We have original JBL, RCF, Bose, EV and other top of the line brands in sound equipment for parties from 10 to 10,000 guests.
We provide simple disco lighting setups and also complex intelligent lighting setups with a light designer and truss.

DJ, KJ, VJ Anywhere in Goa
Ashwin has performed in Goa for different types of events:-
  • Yacht parties
  • Beach Parties
  • Rave Parties
  • Birthdays and special event
  • First Communion or Christening Parties
  • Corporate Awards
  • Carnival Party
  • San Joao Parties
  • Clubs and Beach Shacks

Packages for events

Best value for sound lights and video.

Email us for our latest package rates. Dj setups in Goa include, DJ, sound, lights, trussing and LED wall. Intelligent lighting with laser, sharpies and blinders. Goal post or box truss gives the best support for lighting fixtures and for flying the sound.
Sound rental starts from just Rs.5,000 but we have the inventory and the expertese to handle live concerts and DJ parties for thousands of guests.